The ultimate vape batteries guide for 2017

2017 vape battery variations guide

With a jungle of out-there references, an updated compact write-up isn’t going to harm anyone.
I set the most feasible battery, with the info about each individual reference.

The basic rules outlined by Nico in “The guideline to rechargeable batteries for the unaware of the vape” remain valid. Always .

  1. We fail to remember for the rest of his lifetime all batteries that stop by… fireplace, it’s not pricey Certainly, it’s stew Certainly!
  2. We fail to remember the idea of paying the least expensive feasible on site or in the minimum pricey shop in the earth, speaking about safety.
  3. The 18650 batteries are more efficient in autonomy and safety than the 18350. It does not fold underneath .8ohm with compact-format batteries. When you want to deliver the sauce on variety the 18350.
  4. We really don’t stack two batteries, one above the other, unless you know exactly what you’re doing. For instance, it is critical that the two are at the exact same stage of load…
  5. I will spare you the point that it usually takes to acquire the containers of transportation for batteries? Certainly go, try to set them in the pocket with your keys!
  6. What is mAh… The ampere-hour or ampere hour (image: Ah) is a device of electric cost. This is the volume of electric power passing by means of a section of a driver crossed by a present-day of one amp one hour depth. So the exact same thing in milli! In essence it is the capability of the battery in phrases of duration, the range is big additional it will take a extensive time in advance of needing to be recharged.
  7. What is-6a on my battery? This is the discharge present-day greatest that can support the battery. In accordance to the resistance which is mounted will be requested to the battery present-day electric heat. If this depth is greater than the capability of the battery, at finest you are going to have fewer palms cold this winter, at worst you are going to have in excess of your short hand. Primarily if your Asian site you have marketed a stunning gleaming duplicate forgot to drill the holes for degassing.
  8. What is AMT? This is what indicates that the battery has a additional secure than other chemistry and will allow most crucial discharge currents while not in want of safety, in short they will not growth if you kidding with… That mentioned bullshitting with and you will understand that the acid it can fuck a mod in the air…


Various batteries for various reasons:

In this list, you will not come across of batteries of Efest, MXJO, Listman, and other people. They make their name by employing “constructors”.


16650 Sanyo UR 16650

greatest load: 4.35v
greatest discharge present-day: 5A
autonomy: 2500mah



18350 AW 18350
greatest load: 4.2V
greatest discharge present-day: six.4 A
autonomy: 800mah




18490 / 18500

AW 18490
greatest load : 4.2V
greatest discharge present-day: eight.eight A
autonomy: 1100mah




lg hg2 18650 LG HG2
greatest load: 4.2V
present-day greatest discharge proceeds: 20A
greatest discharge present-day pulse: thirty A
autonomy: 3000mah

samsung 25R 18650 Samsung 25R
greatest load : 4.2V
present-day greatest discharge proceeds: 20A
greatest discharge present-day pulse: 35A
autonomy: 2500mah



mnke 26650

MNKE 26650
greatest load: 4.2V
present-day greatest discharge proceeds: 20A
greatest discharge present-day pulse: 25A
autonomy: 3500mah



keeppower 26650

KeepPower 26650
greatest load : 4.2V
proceeds to greatest discharge present-day: 15A
greatest discharge present-day pulse: 20A
autonomy: 5200mah

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