UK Vape laws: local policies go against the advice of the public health agency

A manager of public health of the city of Nottingham to call employers to differentiate vaping and smoking, and to allow any employee to take a break if needed vaping. ”

Local policies not in line with the recommendations of the national

 bus-red-UKAt a meeting of the City Council of the city of Nottingham , John Wilcox, responsible for public health, said it’s important that companies understand the difference between vaping and smoking for the health of their employees.

Despite the positions proactive public Health England (PHE), the public health agency English, things are moving slowly on the ground. The PHE has invited businesses to support their employees who have adopted vaping to quit explaining that oblige the vapers to use designated smoking areas, exposed to passive smoking, and undermines their efforts in addition.

A fight against the damage of misinformation

Despite these recommendations, a study published by The Freedom Association revealed that 87% of local communities have rules similar to vaping and the cigarette, and 29% even impose vaping in smoking areas. The report Andrew Allison argues worrying this hostility to a product that is more effective to stop smoking, in a country which fully approve.

The damage caused by misinformation and media sensationalism continue to deter many smokers to try these products, and promote a hostility towards the vapers. Communicate widely on why the vape is still necessary, including to the United Kingdom.

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