Best Lemonade E Juice

peach lemonade e juice

Peach Lemonade E Juice

The e juice industry is becoming so saturated so quickly that it’s becoming necessary for e juice brands to differentiate themselves from competitors even more than usual, and one way of doing this is by creating unique an unusual flavors, like our peach lemonade e juice.

The difficulty with creating unusual e juice flavors is having the courage and support from your team to experiment with flavor combinations that may never pay off in the long run because they’re so unusual. It really takes finding a needle in a haystack to be able to test so many various exotic e juice flavors and find one that appeals to the masses because it’s as if you’re going at it all around, you’re working backwards. You’re starting with flavors that aren’t common, which means people aren’t buying them pretty much, and you’re looking for a combination of uncommon e juice flavors, and possibly some common e juice flavors, to combine to make your best-selling e juice.

This certainly takes courage because vape retailers want to sell e juice faster and spending time, effort, and money to take a chance on an exotic e juice flavor definitely isn’t the cautious way to go about that. Luckily for us, when we set out to make “the best peach e juice and the best lemonade e juice”, separately, we never intended to sell e juice and made it with the sole intention of creating the best all day vape for ourselves.


Creation of the peach e juice

best lemonade e juice

When Ray Kroc took over one fast-food restaurant, owned by the McDonalds brothers, and turned it into the largest fast-food chain in the USA, he made sure that he didn’t have a bunch of Yes men on his team. Ray Kroc was all about the product, he loved the hamburger especially, and his number one goal was to have the freshest products, the best menu, etc… so when he hired his CFO (chief financial officer) he hired someone who couldn’t care less about the product. Harry Sonneborn was about money from the beginning to the end. He wanted to cut costs and expenses on products if it meant saving more money, and him and Ray Kroc would get into many heated debates over it…

The reason I’m mentioning this is because, unknowingly, that’s the same method that we took to make our peach lemonade e juice. My buddy and I each had a flavor that we loved and we wanted it to be the best all day vape just to prove the other wrong. My buddy was dead-set on making a peach e juice and I absolutely knew I wanted to make the best lemonade e juice – so we set off…

My buddy came back to me after about two weeks and then probably twice a week for the next 2 or 3 months with samples of his peach e juice. I was surprised by how good he was able to make the peach flavor taste while also producing so much vapor. I watched him test different PG/VG ratios with different nic levels so that I knew exactly how I would test different variations of my lemonade e juice.


Shooting for the best lemonade e juice

best lemonade e juice

“A teacher is only good if their student is better” so they say. I learned a lot from my buddy and now I was ready to make a better product than him. I’d learned how long it took to make the juice and what it took to test the different PG/VG levels along with the different nic levels and flavors. I also had the engineering and mathematical skills to accurately scale up the amount of juice and test dozens of samples with various people. So I was ready to rock n roll.

It took me about three months before I had my first sample available for others, though I had been sampling it for about a week prior to that and retesting. The first person that I gave the sample to was my buddy who made the peach e juice and while I was vaping his peach e juice and he was vaping my lemonade e juice we both got the epiphany that we should combine the flavors and see if we can make a better peach lemonade e juice flavor, which is exactly what we did.

And that’s the birth of our peach lemonade e juice flavor.

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