18 lithium ion battery tips for vapers

Vaping is not necessarily easy for everyone, especially when it comes to the issue of the battery (or batteries), these “stacks” that allow you to operate your vape mod. So instead of being careless and end up with serious injuries, you might as well take the time to learn how to use its energy source. To do this, we offer here a tutorial on the batteries ‘Li-ion’ proposed by Pascal Macarty, an expert user in the field.


A battery, regardless of its technology, is a concentrated energy source that needs a conductor to release its energy.

It is important, not to say vital, to ensure:

  1. vape-mod-ncr18650b-3-7-volt-18650-3400-mah-rechargeable-li-ion-battery-for-panasonic-4-pack-with-bonus-2-hard-plastic-carrying-cases-for-easy-storage-and-transportNever put one or more batteries in your pockets (presence of keys, parts which can make short circuit)
  2. Always store or transport the batteries in boxes, keeping them separate from the other
  3. Calculate and measure in order to check that the current is not outside the safe zone of the battery (too high or too short circuit).
  4. Avoid contact with metal objects, liquids, and avoid shock. Never use a battery that has a shock, having distorted it.
  5. Always respect the polarity indicated in the MOD or in the operating manual.
  6. Ask a specialist for an introduction to the use of a MOD meca.
  7. Always lock your MOD meca or electro outside any use.
  8. Pay attention to the positive pin of the atomizer. If a MOD meca is using hybrid the positive pin must leave enough – 1 to 2 mm – 510 atomizer connector, and it must be fixed and especially not on spring. Seek advice from a specialist.
  9. To take care of the batteries: clean the contacts of the battery and the MOD, if black oxidation spots appear (especially on meca MOD), call in a specialist.
  10. Replace the plastic protection (wrap) sheath if the original is damaged, and ask for a label so you know what battery model it is, characteristics, etc.-> an expert! Do not use the battery if the wrap is damaged, torn.
  11. Throw defective batteries in containers provided for this purpose, not in the trash.
  12. Do not to put a battery in your mouth (or in any other orifice).
  13. Do not hold a battery by its poles, but by its protective plastic (the fingers are not always clean, and can cause oxidation of the contacts of the poles).
  14. Do not use batteries 18350 or other “small” sizes for strong currents.
  15. It is often said that the series of several batteries is dangerous, and this is the case actually, but parallel is equally without insulation between each battery.
  16. Do not store a fully charged battery: a battery charged to 100% and stored for a few months before being used will discharge a little.
  17. Do not leave a Li-ion battery in a car in the sun, or in a baggage on a plane: high risk of fire or explosion! (This concerns the ecig, batteries for laptops, tablets, smartphones… read the warnings of your devices to see if they are equipped with a Li-ion battery).
  18. Ensure that your battery poles are clean and without damage: If “black dots” appear on the negative pole, it is the sign of oxidation by electric flashes, creating an additional resistance in the circuit (heating of the switch on MOD meca).


The complete tutorial on the batteries ‘ Li – ion “of Pascal Macarty is available . You will find very many pages to learn how to use sources of energy safely. This document is addressed to all the vapers eager to deepen the topic of batteries. This 22-page document is a compilation of knowledge, accumulated within the community, but also by the fruit of research and reflection, readings of datasheets and blogs of views for videos, tutorials, etc…

Feel free to share it around you, remember that a good use of the batteries to avoid incidents and therefore avoid some of the misinformation about the e-cigarette.

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